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Jagwire Bicycle Gear and Brake Cables

Jagwire Gear and Brake Cables

When you have your bike serviced at The Dogs Wheels Bike Shop please note that we only use Jagwire Stainless Steel or Teflon Inner Gear cables and Brake Cables and Jagwire lined Outer Cable Housing.

Stainless Steel or Teflon Gear and Brake cable inner

Pre-Stretched and very smooth running compared to standard galvanized cables.

Jagwire Lined Gear and Brake cable outer

Compressionless gear or semi compressionless Brake Cable with a smooth liner, we will not use a lesser quality item. 

Jagwire Sealed Gear Ferrules

When we fit your gear cables we will only use Jagwire Sealed Ferrules which helps to prevent dirt and water ingress.

If you are contemplating having your bike serviced elsewhere be sure that you are not being fitted with an inferior cable which will affect the operation of your Bicycle Gears or Brakes and the longevity of their use.

Why Jagwire Brake and Gear Cables?

Jagwire is the number-one cable and housing brand in the world. You’ll find Jagwire cables and housings on Giant, Specialized, Felt, Trek, BMC, Cannondale, Norco, Scott, Globe, KHS, Bianchi, Ridley and hundreds more international brands. For more than 20 years, Jagwire has pioneered new territory in manufacturing high performance control systems. As an ISO 9001/TS-16949 company they have an unyielding commitment to quality, constantly testing, stressing and abusing their brake pads, housings and cables under extreme conditions. There goal is to provide high-quality products with consistent performance.

If you take pride in your Mountain Bike MTB, Road bicycle or whatever you ride ensure you use a good quality cable for best performance.



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