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Tannus Airless Solid Mountain Bike MTB / Road Bicycle Tyres

The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop now stock Tannus Airless bicycle Tyres

How does it feel to never have to fix a puncture ever again? Amazing!

9,000km guarantee. 'We pride ourselves on durability, and guarantee only 1.5mm of tyre wear after riding 9,000km. This is accomplished by the unique structure of our compound'.

Tannus Tyres have been validated by TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein / Technical Inspection Association), the most reputable German testing organisation.

Our revolutionary airless tyres are 100% puncture-proof. Made from a closed-cell-polymer-foam material they have no inner tube (that's right, no inner tube).

They are super light-weight, low rolling-resistance, comfortable and have amazing grip in all riding conditions. A game-changer? 100%.

Speed 4/5, Durability 5/5, Grip 5/5, Made from a very special Micro Closed Cell Polymer Resin “Aither”, Tannus tyre uses a foaming technology.

It is totally different from any other foaming technology both in terms of its process or the condition. It is made from the one-and-only material “Aithercompound” with a very unique foaming process. All tyres come supplied with an S tool and the necessary pins required for installation."

Tannus Airless / Tubeless Solid Bicycle tyres at The Dogs Wheels BVicycle Shop Plymouth

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