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Service Pricelist - The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Servicing Plymouth

Note:  We are no longer servicing bikes due to retirement / closure potentially in the next few months.


Gear system: cleaned, lubricated and adjusted. Rear Derailleur hanger checked for alignment and adjusted

Brakes: adjusted and cables lubricated.  Brakes balanced as required (disc or cable)

Frame: Inspected for damage, Tyres inspected for wear / damage

Wheels: Spokes checked for tension and wheel for True / Alignment

Bearings: Wheel and Pivot (full Suspension) bearings checked for wear / play

Headset: inspected for wear / play


As Standard Service Plus.

Wheel bearings removed and greased, replaced as required (bearings extra)

Headset Bearings removed and greased / replaced as required (bearings extra)

Wheels Trued / Tensioned as required


Replace Tube £9.99 including tube

Stem Replacement £10 (note on riser stems cable may need replacing)

Tubeless Conversion - £20 per wheel incl Valve, Joe's Sealant & Tape

Tubeless Sealant replacement / renew £10 per wheel

Bottom Bracket replacement £20 + Parts

Headset Replacement £20 + Parts                                                   

Wheel Bearings £15 per wheel + Parts

Wheel Bearings and hub Service £25 per wheel + Parts

Wheel True/Tension £15                                                                  

Brake Bleeding £17.50 per brake

Gear Adjustment / Setup & Lube £15 (Cables extra if required)

Fork Fitting £25

Tyre Fitting £10 per tyre

Chain Fitting £8

Crankset / Chainset Fitting £16

Disc Brake Pad Fitting £6 (incl balance brake)

Brake Block Fitting £5 per wheel (incl adjustment)

Fit Freewheel or Cassette £6

Re-threading / tapping bottom bracket housing £15. (usually required after powder coating / painting)

Pivot Bearing Replacement £60 - Bearings extra. Note we only use MAX Full Complement Enduro ABEC3 bearings for bicycle pivots.

If you have any questions about our bicycle servicing in Plymouth or workshop repairs maintenance or pricing please do not hesitate to give The Dogs Wheels Bicycle Shop Plymouth a call.